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    We asked our users opinion on Originals, here is some of them

    • I used to use the regular UI for playing, but after trying Originals, I can never go back. Originals is so much better in every way. The interface is clean and easy to use, the features are amazing, and the performance is top-notch. I can't believe I was ever using the regular UI.
      One of the things I love most about Originals is the ability to customize everything. I can change so much, the layout, and even has the code mode. This level of customization is unheard of with the regular UI.
      Finally, the performance of Originals is simply amazing. The games runs so smoothly and fast, even on my old Windows 10 computer. I never have to worry about it auto stopping.
      If you're looking for a better way to play stake and many other casinos, then I highly recommend Originals. It's the best I've ever used, and I can't imagine going back to the regular UI.
      Taco Whiskey Agent
    • Originals user-friendly interface makes it incredibly easy to navigate and utilize its features.
      Whether you're a seasoned bettor or a novice exploring the realm of gambling, Originals's intuitive design and fast betting ensures a seamless and enjoyable user experience.
      The customer support provided by the team is exceptional. They are responsive, knowledgeable, and always ready to assist with any queries or concerns I may have. It's reassuring to know that I have a dedicated support system available whenever I need it.
      In conclusion, Originals has revolutionized my approach to gambling.
      Its user-friendly interface, versatility, and outstanding customer support make it an indispensable tool for any bettor.
      Thanks to Originals, I have enhanced my overall betting experience. I wholeheartedly recommend Originals to anyone seeking enjoyment in the world of gambling.

      Cedardrop Agent
    • Originals is a paid software that provides you with tools that facilitate the game within the casino.
      How? Mainly, with an interactive interface that allows you to play all the original games and also have unique features specially designed, which can be exploited 100% with the code mode.
      But not only the interface is excellent, but also what is not visible to the user, such as: connection fidelity with the casino, fast bets, the possibility of securing your funds, such as resetting the seed, etc.
      And above all, what stands out is the active community, which is predisposed to help and offer possibilities so that we can all win.

      Boirerito Agent
    • Originals has features that Stake never could offer, better support and miles ahead of gambling !
      Respect to all the people in the community

      Grevjensen Agent
    • I like Originals for the speed in FastMode : it's great for strategy with preroll stage.
      B2B mode is very helpful : you can hit a big win with small basebet. community is very helpful too and the cool thing is that scripts can be written in JS.

      Flikers Agent
    • Originals help us to develop or to improve our betting strategies.
      Simple language (Javascript) and fast response from the community or the team.

      WorldTraveler Agent
    • What I love about Originals is it's fast speed, it's always up-to-date and there is a good community around.

      EagleBird123 Agent
    • By utilizing Originals you are able to play Stake games more effectively. Originals has an interactive interface that allows you to play all the original games, as well as unique features that are designed specifically for code mode.
      In addition to the excellent interface, there are also a number of invisible features, including connection fidelity with the casino, fast bets, and the ability to secure your funds, for example by resetting the seed.
      It is also imperative to note that the community is active and eager to help, creating opportunities for all members to thrive.
      While the casino facilitates gambling, it's is actually focused on maintaining integrity. The player has limited betting options when playing on site, which limits the player's ability to think strategically when playing on site.
      As a result, the player feels hopeless in the end.As casinos put obstacles in their way, players are unable to look beyond their limited options on-site.
      With Originals, players have a faster connection to the casino without being limited to its options. There are a multitude of exclusive features and community support available at qBot, which allows you to explore a limitless number of possibilities.

      Lagos Agent
    • The variety of options Originals provides is impressive.
      You can make own strategy with endless options but also use in-build features like B2B, heatmap and my favorite option is support by experienced user and developers.

      Bodaapv Agent


    Use the discount code "NEWCOMER" in the purchase process.

    Most Asked Questions

    1Is Originals really helpful? I heard about it but I dont how it could help me
    While we obviously can't and won't advertise that you'll make profit using Originals, we can for sure say that, at least with Originals and all the features it brings, you are able to play differently and you are not limited to the casinos basic betting options. And that has no price when you want to gamble your money!
    2I have questions regarding Originals, where can I ask?
    You can open a ticket in your account under support
    3Is there more information about Originals available somewhere?
    Yes you can check our Helpdesk.
    4Why isnt Originals free?
    Creating Originals and supporting it is a lot of work and also has some costs. We are a small team, working everyday to provide you with the best betting assistant ever made and obviously this need to be rewarded.We tried to make Originals affordable and now with our affiliate system you can have Originals for FREE if you reach the wager requirement.
    5What is the kickback on the qBot subscription, I dont understand?
    100% kickback on your qBot subscription means that if you wager more than $40.000 each month we will refund you the cost of your qBot license under the form of a tip on your casino account. Basically it means you'll get your Originals subscription for free if you reach the wager requirement.
    6Do I need a Discord account to use products?
    Yes, it's mandatory for you to have a Discord account to use products. Also our Discord is the place to be to have access to all qBot resources.Note that if you get ban from our Discord for not respecting the rules, you will also get ban from using qBot.
    7Do I need one Discord account per Originals subscription?
    No, not at all. You can purchase as many Originals subscriptions you want for the same Discord account. One or more per casino, like this you have everything in the same place.
    8Are Originals and Simulator the same? simulator is like a copy of Originals but with only the simulation mode on (you can't place real bets) while the simulation is already included in Originals (if you have Originals, you don't need to download Simulator). New features will always be added in Originals way before it's available in Simulator.Also Originals is always up-to-date while Simulator might not have all the features of the live version yet.