Not your typical tool. Here are some of the exclusives qBot.gg Originals features.

Non-stop fast betting

Tired of doing 2 to 3 bets per second and betting randomly stopping? With qBot.gg Originals those issues are a thing of the past!

FastMode OFF: average of 3 to 5 bets/s*
FastMode ON: up to 20 bets/s*

We also have an option to prevent bets to stop so you'll finally be able to enjoy running scripts while you are away with the pleasure to see them still running hours later.

* Depending on your bet size (e.g. Stake throttles betting speed on low bet sizes), internet connection and hardware and the casino you're playing on. Some are way faster than others.

Back 2 Back or how to break the casino

"B2B" (back-to-back) betting means that you use the payout from the previous bet for the next bet to compound winnings.

This has a huge potential and is of course easy to do with an increase on win for static targets.

qBot.gg Originals does that for you (also in games with non-static payouts like Keno, Plinko, etc.) and you can sit back, relax and hope for juicy streaks!

Loss Streak Calculator

When increasing the bet size on losses it's very important to have a proper bet size management.

qBot.gg Originals will indicate how many losses you can sustain with the set increase percentage.

So you can just set what loss streak you want to cover and qBot.gg Originals will set the right bet size for you.

Combo Builder

Have you ever thought about hunting big multis with low targets? Why not hunt a 2020× but with a sequence of targets instead? 

Build your own combo with a 10×, followed by another 10×, then 2×, 1.01×, and finally 10×, to get a total multiplier of 2020×!

The Combo Builder feature will provide you with a new way to play and beat the casinos. Some of our users have already hit insane combos!

Auto Vault Profits

We all hate when we're on a good run and suddenly everything go South and we end up loosing all the profit we previously made.

This won't happen again with qBot.gg Originals and it's Auto Vault feature.
You now have the possibility to deposit a set amount into your vault to protect your profits!

Just set the threshold and be assured that your profits will be safely deposited into your vault.


Another exclusive feature of qBot.gg Originals: The Heatmap.

You don't know what numbers to pick and randomizing your picks every roll doesn't suit you?

No problem with the Heatmap feature available for Keno, Mines, Roulette and Dragon Tower! qBot.gg Originals automatically selects hot, middle or cold numbers for you, depending on the previously shown bet results.

Mix them how you like and find what works best for you!

Managing Betting Profiles

While the UI is made for the simple strategies, we know some of you have a lot of those.

Avoid the pain of having to recreate them every time you want to play them, and save all your favorite betting settings in profiles.
You can even set them to be loaded on start or mark them as favorites.

On top of that you can also export your betting profiles and share them with the other members on our Discord server!

Code Mode

In the Code Mode you can write your very own betting strategy in Javascript.

Of course, you're not limited to one game per strategy, you can also switch between games in a strategy, to bring in some diversity into your strategies.

Get creative, switch games, reset seed on certain conditions, vault your profits and much more! There are endless possibilities. There are no limits for your creativity!

You're not a coder? No problem! Our community shares plenty of their scripts so you can try them.

You can even ask a qBot.gg scripter to convert your strategy into code for you or use our conditions converter to convert your strategies built on the casino to work in qBot Originals

Dice Condition Builder

The Dice Condition Builder provides a user-friendly interface where you can create personalized strategies with custom bet and profit conditions, just like those found in Stake. On top of that you'll be able to add conditions for seed resets and depositing to your vault as well!

Casinos Friendly

We always try our best to respect the casinos rules so we don't build features they are against such as auto claims, auto reloads, syndicate betting etc

Multi Platform

qBot.gg Originals works on Windows 10 or newer (64 bit), macOS, ChromeOS and Linux!

Note: We don't have an Android or an iOS version.

Multi Casino Support

After a year on Stake (.com and .us) qBot.gg Originals is now opening it's doors to Primedice, Shuffle, Wolf.bet and more casinos will be added in the future!

You want to join qBot.gg Community?

You can find the link of our Discord Community in your my.qbot.gg account.